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Baby Bounce House July 15, 2011

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Our baby is quite active and he can kick (or punch) with the best of them. I think he will grow up to be a soccer player.… maybe the next Beckham. Well, yesterday he was very active. He woke up with me in the morning, fell back asleep and then once I got to work, started going crazy. He was moving on the right side, the left side, behind my belly button, down low. He was all over the place. I had on a loose fitting dress and could see my belly bouncing from my peripheral vision. I love it! So, I texted his daddy and told him his little boy was moving all around (Kevin loves knowing when he’s awake and moving). A few flips and turns and bumps and pushes later, I determined that I’m a walking bounce house. Since he’s still in the oven and would be too little to be in one of those obnoxious blow up bounce houses the kids love so much, I have determined I am his very own personal walking baby bounce house. He has me 24/7 to bounce around in and believe me, he takes advantage!

Originally written: July 6, 2011


Pregnancy Visions

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I’m really enjoying my baby bump. It’s growing and growing and growing and I am proud of it! I only had a few days (thus far) where I felt “fat” and that was one of those weird hormonal days. But the majority of the time, I didn’t care if people thought I was fat and gave me weird looks. I knew I was pregnant and that’s all that mattered to me. I‘ve always wondered what it would be like to have a baby bump- how big would I get, would I retain water and swell or would I be “all baby”? How big would my boobs get? (that alone was reason enough for me to get pregnant).

Every week I receive updates on the current week of pregnancy and almost every week there is a link for pregnancy dreams. They recommend you keep a pen and pad next to your bed so when you wake up you can write down your dream.  I have always had weird dreams- vivid, wild, obscure, random, sometimes sci-fi and freaky dreams- so I was wondering if I would have even more bizarre dreams than I already have. Kind of hoping I wouldn’t because my mind would probably explode! Well, instead of dreams, I’m having visions. Sort of like a hallucination without the drugs.

For example, at work one day, we had a hallway full of boxes that mostly blocked our front door. My co-worker teased me that I couldn’t leave until she was finished shipping and had order restored in the hallway. I must have given her a weird expression because she looked at me funny. The vision I had consisted of me jumping on top of her and knocking her down. Flat on her back. So that I could get out of the front door. Weird I know, but I could visualize it like it was actually happening.

Another example: Kevin and I were on the way to the store and we came to a light at the exit ramp of the interstate. There was a young man, probably in his 20’s, with a sign that he was hungry, would work for food. We normally give a dollar or so if we have the cash. This time I envisioned Kevin rolling down his window, sticking his arm fully extended out the window with cash in his hand. Then the man grabbed Kevin’s arm and bit down- kind of like a zombie.

Totally weird. I know. So instead of me having weird dreams while asleep, I get to have weird hallucinations while awake. Wonder if any other pregnant women have experienced this one.

originally written: mid-second trimester


We have a what?!? July 14, 2011

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….. An umbilical cord abnormality?

I purposely skipped the “If something goes wrong” chapter in the baby books. Who wants to read about the things that could go wrong? So, when the doctor told us she thought we had a two-vessel cord I was dumbfounded. I even told the Doctor to  “dumb it down for me.”

An umbilical cord should have 3 vessels. 2 Arteries and 1 Vein. At the 20-week ultrasound they do a very detailed scan, including the cord. They felt pretty sure that we had a Single Umbilical Artery baby, aka an SUA baby. Not giving us any detail other than, ‘he’s growing fine now but we’ll monitor every 4 weeks because growth problems can occur’, we were on our own for research. Kevin is very analytical and will research things to death (a good trait). Before we even left the building, he was on the internet searching 2-vessel cords.

He found out it happens in 1% of pregnancies and they consider you high risk at that point. Also, that it can be a soft marker for other problems- Down’s syndrome, heart defects, endocrine problems, etc. Not to worry, 70-80% of SUA babies are born perfectly healthy. Well, try telling that to a hysterical first-time mom (or any-time mom for that matter).  I was frozen at first, complete shocked. Didn’t get angry or say “why me?” As Kevin’s research continued and the shock started to wear off, I got upset. I had one huge cry session and then felt better, though I had watery eyes at work all afternoon.

The important thing for us to remember was that our baby was perfectly healthy, other than this possible diagnosis. His liver, heart, brain, kidneys, bones, size, weight, etc was right on target. So, we decided to lay our faith and trust in God and not worry anymore.

We have done this for the last 9 weeks and we have been completely blessed. We have ultrasounds every month (which is cool we get to see him monthly now), they sent us to a specialist, and they most recently did a BPP on him. They watched him breathe, use his reflexes (move an arm or leg), measured his bones, head and belly circumference, etc. He passed with flying colors. And, to top it off, he was exact with his gestational age of 28 weeks, 5 days. We couldn’t be any more pleased with our baby and we thank God every day for him.

Written: July 14, 2011


It’s a baby (take your guess) boy or girl

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So we debated quite a bit on what we were going to do. To find out or not to find out. Did we want to know at all, or find out while at the ultrasound or have them put it in a card and open it privately? It was a very big decision for us, and believe me this is something people feel very strongly about. And they’ll tell you exactly how they feel whether you want them to or not.

Well, once we had our 20 week appointment scheduled we just couldn’t take the suspense. Walking in to our ultrasound appointment, we still were undecided to find out while there or later. We had a card in our bag and everything. While sitting on the table, we decided “let’s just find out now”. Why wait? We can enjoy watching.

It’s a good thing we decided to find out because the second the ultrasound tech put the wand on my belly, there it was. Not to be hidden. She moved the wand immediately and asked if we were sure we wanted to know. Well, being expectant parents we had our eyes glued to the screen and saw it. I said,  “I think I saw something and know. Can I guess?”, she said yes. My non-professional response was “I think I saw a ball sac. I think it’s a boy.” She said “you’re right.” And we were and we had been the entire pregnancy. We both felt that we were having a boy, but we didn’t care. Boy. Girl. Didn’t matter to us. We just wanted the baby to be healthy.

Once our little man realized we were looking at him, he got shy and closed his legs. But, not before she could get pictures of him. Poor guy, something we can torment him with when he’s a teenager.

Originally written: 20th week of pregnancy- May 18, 2011


Benefits of a baby bump June 11, 2011

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So, what are the benefits of a baby bump? There are several.

1. Not having to lift anything more than 30 pounds

2. Not having to worry about your muffin top

3. Getting to buy a new wardrobe

4. Not having to worry how much you spent on said wardrobe

5. Not having to worry when you can’t see your feet anymore

6. Larger Boobs

7.  (Most) Everyone thinks you “glow”— didn’t that mean sweating before the bump?

8. There is a good and valid reason why your butt and thighs start growing

9. The weight that shows on the scale is more acceptable than before

10. Your family expects you to take it easy and “not do too much”

11. You get priority treatment when you approach strangers in tight spaces— they will get out  of your way because you both just won’t fit


One of the benefits that I’ve recently enjoyed is purchasing a new wardrobe, something I haven’t’ done in years! You all know I used to work in Retail and I would have new (fashionable, beautiful, expensive) clothes on a regular basis. Well, I’ve been out of retail for four years and I’m still wearing clothes that I bought my first month at my last job (that means they are 7+ years old!), so you can imagine my excitement.


When I visited my parents a few weeks ago, my mom and I went out in the search of maternity wear: capri’s, shorts, pants  & skirts in particular (we won’t discuss why— it’s not just my baby bump that’s growing).  Well, during the shopping trip I realized that there is perhaps one drawback of having a baby bump…… seeing yourself in your underwear too many times in one day! Now, unless you’re a lingerie model or a stripper (which we all know I’m neither of) this is not an enjoyable experience. We went to five different stores that day in which I tried on clothes at all five. Five!! To some of you this may be a walk in the park, but to a 20-week pregnant woman with stretched out underwear and a too snug bra (we won’t discuss back fat) it can be the most unpleasant experience. But, we prevailed and I got a lot of really cute items. Items I felt sexy in and I even put on a fashion show for my dad that night. The way I survived the fashion show? I didn’t have a mirror in the room I changed in!


So the moral of the story is to 1) Don’t look in the mirror when you are in your undies and 2) don’t let the downfalls of the baby bump sneak up on you!

Written: May 26, 2011- 22.5 weeks pregnant


Second Trimester Here I Come! May 25, 2011

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As I’ve previously mentioned, I heard once you hit the 12th or 13th week you miraculously get your energy back. Well, I’m in my tenth week and I can already feel the exhaustion melting away and the energy creeping back. Each day I feel as though I have a smidgen more oomph in my step.  I’m not needing to nap as much (though I love napping). I have more energy after work so cooking diner isn’t as much of a feat (though I still hate it). I feel the desire to carry on conversation and not just lay around…  it’s amazing! I feel like I could run a marathon (ha! maybe to the stop sign anyway). I feel like I could whip someone’s derriere in a kick butt martial arts movie kinda way (look out Kevin!). I feel energized again, refreshed.  So the second trimester had better lookout because I’m back and ready to cause havoc!

originally written: March 2, 2011


How can a blueberry make me tired?

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A pregnant friend of mine recommended I join babycenter.com. I signed up and get weekly notices on my pregnancy- How the baby is developing, what’s going on with me that week, etc- At week seven the baby is the size of a blueberry. Crazy to think of it like that but cool to put it in perspective.

At this point, I had altered my schedule so that I was waking up 45 minutes early. Feeding the animals, taking a shower and laying back down for 15-20 minutes to nap. Yes, just feeding the animals and taking a shower left me completely, physically exhausted. I was also going home daily at lunch to nap for however long I could.  After work I would come home, feed the animals, change into my pajamas, make myself dinner (when Kevin wasn’t home), eat, and lay down on the couch to sleep. This would normally be around 7:30-8:00 pm. I’d sleep all night and get up the next morning at 6:15.

I’d find it hard to stay awake at work- eyes heavy, lightheaded, so sleepy I’d almost give a body part just to take a nap. So, I would look down to my belly and say, “Alright you little blueberry, how can you make me so tired? You’re so small. I just don’t get it.”

I still don’t get it, I know it’s a trimester thing. I heard once you hit the 12th or 13th week you remarkably get your energy back. Something I am very much looking forward to.

originally written: early first trimester